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Cereal City Auto Parts - A Blog about LED Lighting

We know you can barely contain your excitement to be reading about all the latest and greatest advances in the LED lighting world in well . . .years, decades, definitely since the Berlin Wall fell maybe. Let's just say Edison would be super interested in what companies are producing today. Our partnership with Tecniq Inc. has allowed us to expand our inventory offerings in a new and advantageous way. Tecniq is stock on many newer truck and trailer applications, while offering many advancements in emergency, work truck, trailer, marine and RV lighting. Our goal as a blog is to bring you news on new and innovative developments in LED lighting and also introduce you to some really cool items you may have missed when they originally became available. Thank you for visiting our site and spending a few minutes getting to know us. Hopefully we can be as helpful and bright as the lights we sell. Bad jokes are free and plentiful.

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